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Gas Safety 

Gas Safety 


For 15 years, REID DEGAS has been specialising in Gas Safety. 


In 1996 the government introduced a law

that requires all landlords to have a duty of

care to Health & Safety when renting part or all of a property.


Listed here, for your convienience, are mandatory checks to be carried out to protect the Health and Safety of others. Every landlord is required by law to check & provide proof of a CP12 Landlord Gas Safety Certification which guarantee’s:

Gas Tightness on all gas appliances in

their care.

For standing and working pressure (where test point is available).

For burner pressure and gas rate / manufacture data plate

For ventilation requirements and test flue flow rate

To ensure all flame failure devices are operational.

To ensure all stability brackets and their effective use

Report any unsafe conditions to the responsible person


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